That's life. At some point, you just have to say "fuck it" and move on. Because everything else was too inconvenient.

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Accentuate with red.
Lessons from my “Treasure Bag” a collaboration by Bag Snob & DKNY that fits perfectly in my world. 
Pssst- Another staple this fall- Georgie Redford Jacket

Joost Dekkers
Jane Thomas

Andy Warhol: But what kind of person really murders? I mean, why.Alfred Hitchcock: In desperation. They do it in desperation.Andy Warhol: Really?… Alfred Hitchcock: Absolute desperation. They have nowhere to go, there were no motels in those days, and they’d have to go behind the bushes in the park. And in desperation they would murder. 
Andy Warhol interviews Alfred Hitchcock
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